Learn To Play The Great Highland Bagpipe

Learning the bagpipe can open up a world of opportunities. It is an instrument that is as popular today as it ever was.  Not only will you enjoy playing for your own satisfaction, but you’ll be able to entertain family, and friends. Most importantly you’ll have the opportunity to join a pipe band which are a great way to improve upon your skill,  take part in parades and competitions,  and make new friends. . Pipe bands can be found all over the UK and also in towns and cities all over the world. 


I have been teaching people to  play the highland bagpipe for over 15 years and I am privileged to be the official bagpipe tutor at the Army Foundation College in Harrogate.   I  offer 1 to 1 bagpipe tuition from my home in Stocksbridge, Sheffield. All you need to begin with is a good quality polypenco or African blackwood practice chanter (£60+) . I highland recommend McCallum practice chanters for quality and preferably the following music book:

NPC Highland Bagpipe Tutor

There is no need to purchase a bagpipe until the basic fundamentals have been learned on the practice chanter.


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