A Bagpiper can be extremely poignant at funerals and can help give the perfect send off for a loved one. The Great Highland Bagpipe is traditional for both Scottish and Irish funerals due to the fact that they can be played outside in all weathers and have sufficient volume for all to hear. 

Full Dress Funeral Bagpiper

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If playing at a church it is tradition for the bagpiper to lead the coffin either to the church doors, allowing the organist (or recorded music) to take over as the casket is carried to the front and placed on the bier. Alternatively I can lead the casket to the front of the church and play until everyone is seated. 

At the end of the service I can lead the coffin out of church or start playing from the church doors and lead to the hearse. 


Yorkshire Bagpiper Funerals

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If asked to play at a crematorium I would usually meet the funeral cortege at the gates (or a suitable location) and lead down to the chapel. This is very effective for mourners waiting at the chapel as they hear the pipes in the distance getting louder as I approach. If required to play as the casket is carried into the service, I will either lead the casket in or play outside and the sound will carry. Many chapels at crematoriums are of a small size, so the pipes may be too overpowering if played inside.


At a burial I would generally lead the pallbearers down to the graveside and play until the casket is about to be lowered. At the end of the service I usually play several tunes and walk into the distance to give the effect of the pipes fading. 



Popular tunes includes:

  • Flower of Scotland
  • Amazing Grace
  • Mist Covered Mountains
  • Danny Boy
  • Going Home
  • Mull of Kyntyre
  • Highland Cathedral
  • Skye Boat Song
  • Abide With Me
  • Flowers of The Forest
  • Green Hills of Tyrol
  • Kilworth Hills
  • When The Battle’s Over
  • Hector The Hero


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